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Church Wedding. Speak with the church and ask them where the photographers can stand, where they can’t stand, can they take pictures during the ceremony or not, if it is restricted how many. Often we turn up to Weddings and chat with the Vicar who states we can not photograph from the front of the church, this will obviously restrict your images, worth thinking about when booking your ceremony place.

Group shots. Group shots take a long time to organise and capture. We advise this is done prior to the reception, this is due to people preferring a beer in their hand and not wanting to smile in a group photo. If your wedding is more Autumn/Winter based then think of a place inside where there will be ample room to take large group images should it rain/snow. We prefer nicely lit places for this, but will bring our own lighting as well for such situations, but the better lighting the better pictures.

Sunset Images. These type of images are beautiful and will certainly give you something to remember your day by. With photography there is something called the ‘golden hour’ where the sun rises and sets, this creates and beautiful golden light. The best time to do your creative shots to give that sunset/golden look. These have to be carefully scripted within your day, if you are getting married later in the year remember the sunset is a lot earlier, thus remember that eating and speeches maybe timed in to happen at the same time your best photo opportunity is.

Light. As photographers we love light, the more is more often the better. Some dark ceremony places have a ‘lighting package’, this is well worth thinking about for your photographs. Without boring you, a dark place will mean your photographer will have to increase ISO settings, this in turn produces ‘noise’ or ‘grain’ in your photos. This will in effect degrade the quality of the images, so brighter means better quality images.


Everyone expects to remember their wedding day by means of amazing images that capture the day in its entirety; therefore will your uncle’s DSLR or the quality of your friends iPhone, be the best thing to record your big day and all those little details?

If your answer to the above is no, we would like to give you a little insight into why Wedding Photography is as expensive as it is.

You can spend hours trawling the internet, attending wedding shows and seeing and speaking to lots of people who provide Wedding Photography. You will speak to people offering to cover your complete day for £250, others for £2000k+. Our advice is to speak to the Photographers whose images you love, images that you can see on your wall one day. There is no point booking a Photographer whose images you do not like, just because they said they were a ‘Professional Wedding Photographer’ charging the least to cover the whole day.

Wedding Photography has grown and Photographers will not just be there to capture the staged and group photographs. There are many different ‘styles’ or ‘genres’ of wedding photographer, you need to find the one that fits what you are looking for. We provide a mixture of the traditional staged and group images, but also provide a creative edge with lighting and view point, we like to mix into this reportage photography. Reportage is where you capture the moment, the person you are photographing very often has no idea the image has been taken, this way it is far more natural.

You are paying for a photographer to capture all these different moments, your paying for the experience in being able to capture these moments, your paying for the expensive equipment to allow the photographer to capture the best moment as sharp and clear as possible, your paying for someone to be able to keep calm and give educated direction when under a lot of pressure.

Camera equipment doesn’t stop at a camera and a lens. Wedding photographers will have a vast array of lenses to capture all different views and moments throughout the big day. Also required is memory cards, batteries, tripods, software, lighting, filters…most photographers will also have more than one camera. It doesn’t stop at equipment, insurance is required to shoot at venues and to cover the unknown, travel expenses, powerful computers with a large amount of storage to download and process what can be 2000+ images from one day, back up drives so those precious images are not deleted.

A wedding day is not over for the photographer, they may leave exhausted and ready for a lay down, but those 2000+ images are not going to sort themselves out, or edit themselves to look like the style you fell in love with. A wedding photographer will spend days going through images and editing them to give you the best images for your album or prints.

Along with having to cover the expense that is the equipment, your wedding photographer is also charging for their time, this is the hours booked on the wedding day, the hours of editing, but there is also hours of preparation of wedding as well, travelling to the venue prior to see what it is like and scope the best locations, prepping equipment and cleaning the day before the wedding.

Pressure is something all wedding photographers have to face, not only on the day ensuring they are getting all the right photos, remembering to not miss that important shot, but making sure their equipment is in full working order to the best they can. One click can lead to a missed shot and even 100’s of photos deleted. We personally have two memory cards inside our cameras, this means if one memory card fails there is a back up on the next.

As you can see from above, there is a lot of equipment and time put into wedding photography. The biggest investment when paying the photographer is their skill, their eye for detail and creativity, all the equipment is great, if its in the right hands. You are paying for the ability of that person to take all the equipment and produce a wedding album that perfectly captures every moment of your special day.

When you are planning your big day remember that you want to remember every little aspect and detail. When you book your wedding car, remember it is there for a couple of hours of the whole day, your DJ or band will be there for a couple of hours at the end. Most wedding photographers are with you all day, from the moment you get ready until the moment you share that first dance. Wedding photography isn’t a purchase, its an investment into memories that will last a life time, memories of that amazing car, brilliant band, stunning flowers and wedding dress.

Like a lot of things in this life, you pay for what you get. Find the photographer that will produce the images you love, find one that can give you their knowledge and experience, you only get the one time to capture your day, you need to make it count.

We hope this has given you an insight into what goes into wedding photography and shows you the passion we have for doing it. We also provide TWO photographers at every wedding, you have the experience and creativity of two people, at a price we think is very affordable. If we can help you capture those moments of your big day, please contact us.

Our Wedding Photography Advice

Our Wedding Photography Advice